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Commercial Projects

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Our commercial qualifications include; the installation of complex computer and telecommunications systems, power distribution and energy management systems, lighting and electrical services for mechanical, ventilating, heating, and air conditioning systems.
Another facet of our expertise includes schools, libraries, and medical facilities. For those essential services we have designed and installed life safety and security systems, primary and auxiliary power systems as well as the complete wiring for commercial kitchens and computer facilities.
See our featured Commercial Projects.
  • Tenant Development & Build Out

  • Electrical Safety & Violation Corrections

  • Switch Gear Installation & Upgrade

  • Transformer Installation & Upgrade

  • Troubleshooting

  • Dedicated Computer Circuiting

  • Warehouse Forklift Charging Station Design & Installation

  • Generator Installation

  • UPS Installations

  • Lighting Solutions and Installation

    • Decorative & Accent

    • Retail

    • Office

    • Site Lighting

    • Parking Lot

    • Maintenance

    • Efficient Lighting Replacement/Retrofit

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